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The following articles were written by Dr. André Saine, the Dean of the C.A.H., unless mentioned otherwise. Please check back periodically for more articles.


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› Commentaires sur l’intervention d’Olivier Bernard à Tout le monde en parle du 27 novembre 2016

› What is Homeopathy?
› The High Point of Homeopathy—PART I—Liga News 2015; No. 15 (Aug.): 14-17.
› The High Point of Homeopathy—PART II—Liga News 2015; No. 16 (Dec.): 14-19.
› The High Point of Homeopathy—PART III—Liga News 2016; No. 17 (April.): 17-23.
› Prescribing for cases with serious pathology
› Homeopathy Has Nothing to Do with Eclecticism
› Homeopathy without Hahnemann
› Some Interesting Anecdotes about Case Taking and Case Analysis
› Bioccular Transcerebral Iontophoresis
› An Open Letter to the Members and Trustees of the American Institute of Homeopathys
› The Essential Role of Homeopathy in Wholistic Health Care: Case Reports
› To Master a Discipline, We Have to Start from its Roots Upwards (Part I)
› How to Become a Homeopath (Part II)
› Is it not Part of the Deal in Promoting a Method of Practice to also Demonstrate its Efficacy? (Part I)
› Homeopathy is a Natural Science in its Purest Sense (Part II)
› Our Noble and Beloved Carroll Dunham
› My First Case With a 200 D
› Pure Homeopathy: Our Legacy from the Great Masters of the Past
› The Rational Basis of “Nature Cure”
› Keys for Becoming a Successful Physician
› The Heart and Soul of Medicine
› Against Divisiveness
› Homeopathy versus Speculative Medicine – A Call to Action
› Drawing a Line in the Sand: Homeopathy or not Homeopathy
› The Causes of Failure in Homeopathy
› Hering’s Law: Law, Rule or Dogma?
› Homeopathic Treatment of the Multiple Sclerosis Patient
› Aloe Socotrina – A Most Valuable Remedy in Need of Rediscovery

Great articles written by other homeopathic physicians

› Another debunker debunked / NEW ARTICLE / 2017-12-20

› A Letter from Hahnemann
› An Address by Samuel Hahnemann, Delivered before the Paris meeting of the Gallican Homoeopathic Society held on September 15, 1835
› The Practice of Our Art
› The Rights and Duties of Homeopathy
› Pure Homeopathy, Progressive Homeopathy and the True Homeopathician
› Pure Homeopathy Defined, An Address on the Question: “Is the Homeopathic Remedy Always Sufficient to Relieve Suffering in Incurable Cases”
› Is Pure Homeopathy, Alone and Unaided, Able to Cope with, and Overcome Puerperal Disorders and Complications?
› Clinical Experiences
› Why Surgeons Should Be Compelled To Study Homeopathy
› Personal Experiences With Homeopathy In Obstetrics
› Isopathic and Other Pathological Prescribing


Forewords written by Dr. André Saine to the following books

Fasting: Signs and Symptoms—A Clinical Guide of Trevor Salloum, N.D., 1992.
The Homeopathic Emergency Guide—A Quick Reference Handbook to Effective Homeopathic Care of Thomas Kruzel, N.D., 1993.
Textbook of Materia Medica the German edition of Adolph Lippe, 1866. (Handbuch homöopathischer Charakteristika. Eine Arzneimittellhre für die Praxis. Stuggart: Karl F. Haug Verlag, 2003.)
Homoeopathy in Medicine and Surgery the German edition of Edmund Carleton, 1913 (Homöopathie in Praxis und Klinik von Dr. Edmund Carleton. Leer: Grundlagen und Praxis GbmH & Co., 2007)
Homeopathy: Principles of the New Medicine. Adaptation and Comments on the 6th Organon. of Edouard Broussalian, Volume 1. Geneva, Switzerland, 2014.