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Homeopathy: Great Medicine or Dangerous Pseudoscience?
Debate on March 22, 2013 at University of Connecticut

Following the debate that was held between Drs. André Saine and Steven Novella at the University of Connecticut Medical Center on March 22, 2013 on whether homeopathy is a great medicine or a dangerous psuedoscience, Drs. Saine and Novella have agree to pursue further this debate into an in depth, professional discussion through questions, answers and comments. On a monthly basis for the coming year, each will ask the other a question that will require a response within a maximum of 30 days. The goal of this debate is to critically examine the contradictory claims made by each party: On one hand, homeopaths are claiming since Hahnemann that homeopathy is the science of medicinal therapeutics par excellence, while on the other hand, skeptics are claiming that homeopathy is a dangerous pseudoscience. By using the best of scientific thinking and by sticking only to facts and sound reasoning on this purely scientific question, Drs. Saine and Novella should eventually come to the same conclusion, as true scientists are self-critical, and true science is self-correcting.

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Saine-Novella Post-Debate Exchange: Questions & Answers

Questions to Dr. Steven Novella from Dr. Saine.
Questions to Dr. André Saine from Dr. Novella.

Q1. It is quite common for homeopathy to be grossly misrepresented...
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ASKED. 2013-03-28 | ANSWERED. 2013-05-23

Q1. What do you consider to be the best clinical evidence ...
PART I Read more »
ASKED. 2013-03-28 | ANSWERED. 2013-05-20
PART II Read more »
ASKED. 2013-03-28 | ANSWERED. 2013-07-25
PART III Read more »
ASKED. 2013-03-28 | ANSWERED. 2014-04-09
PART IV Read more »
ASKED. 2013-03-28 | ANSWERED. 2015-03-11

ASKED. 2013-03-28 | ANSWERED. 2015-05-28

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