“The CAH courses are the best resources that I have found. In them, Dr. Saine uses his extensive knowledge of the homeopathic literature and his extensive practical homeopathic experience to teach homeopathy from A to Z. Much emphasis is placed on the essential art of case taking, and then case analysis. Polychrests are explained beginning with those most frequently encountered in clinical practice. Finally, there are excellent live cases on video with follow-ups and clinical subjects (Psychiatry, Neurology, Cancer etc.) The resources available through the Canadian Academy have prepared me better for the rigors of professional homeopathic practice than any other course I have taken. I would recommend it highly to any serious student of homeopathy.”

“Dr. Saine assists the student in picking our what is particularly characteristic about the case. This then leads to a search of the pertinent reliable materia medicas to select the one remedy which fits the case best. Numerous case examples are given for this process and generally lesser used remedies are emphasized. This course is a must especially for those who have been practicing for a few years and struggle with difficult cases. I’ve been practicing for nearly 20 years, and I immediately found an enhancement of my prescribing skills the day I got back to the office!”

– Timothy Fior, M.D., D.Ht.

“The CAH curriculum in professional homeopathic prescribing is awesome in its scope, depth, and comprehensiveness. Dr. Saine’s clinical experience, scholarship, and humanity make him a living treasure for homeopathy and the world. The licensed medical professional has only one real choice when it comes to homeopathic training. Only the CAH course achieves the level of the finest graduate medical education. I mean this sincerely.”

– Paul Millea, M.D.

“André Saine has an enthusiasm for teaching and a wealth of clinical experience. His knowledge and understanding of the literature and history of classical (pure) homeopathy is truly phenomenal. His seminars have made a lasting impression on my outlook on medicine and have renewed my interest in the practice of medicine as a Healing Art.”

– Ben H. Park, M.D., M.S., Rochester, New York

“Dr. Saine’s course on Acute and Chronic Prescribing is an excellent introduction to homeopathy for physicians. Even those who know a fair amount about the subject will benefit greatly from this course. The course takes students through an overview of the fundamentals of homeopathic theory, the process of repertorization, and an introduction to the study of materia medica. Case taking, case analysis, and prescribing are discussed, and students observe Dr. Saine take two new patient cases in person and see how he reasons through the case. In addition, the course introduces students to the rich history of homeopathy and emphasizes the importance a healthy diet and lifestyle to the healing process. Dr. Saine is a true scholar, gifted teacher, and master clinician. Attending this course will undoubtedly change how you think about and practice medicine.”

– Michelle Dossett, MD, PhD, Fellow in Integrative Medicine, Division of General Medicine and Primary Care, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School

“Everyone who practices homeopathy would greatly benefit from Dr. Saine’s practical and thorough teaching. His knowledge of and enthusiasm for homeopathy are contagious. The in-class patients really brought the teaching to life.”

– Louise Harvie, R.N., New York

“Utilizing clear Hahnemannian principles, Dr. Saine portrays his thinking process clearly, allowing generously for questions and clarification by the students along the way. We attendees are the beneficiaries of his high motivation to help us be better prescribers.”

– Nick Nossaman M.D, Colorado

“After all these years dominated by a more psychological approach to homeopathy, I rediscovered genuine homeopathy during Dr. Saine’s course. It was a relief going back to the source.”

– Daniel Kaiser, M.D., Germany

“E. B. Nash wrote: ‘One remedy well studied is better than several not half understood.’ If you want to have a thorough knowledge of materia medica and learn how to differentiate remedies effectively you should study with Dr. Saine. His method of teaching the materia medica is unique and inspiring.”

– Ralf Jeutter, Ph.D., RSHom, UK

“Each time I go back and review one of Dr. Saine’s tapes, I am more impressed with the knowledge and insight that can be gained from them.”

– Len Torok, M.D.

Other testimonials

“I have never meet such a learned man with such an ability to present complex material in a completely understandable way. I am very impressed by his teaching methods. I am now so inspired to practice homeopathy the ‘right’ way.”

“Super coordination of graph, notes and lecture.”

“Analysis of live cases has finally made it clear to me which symptom to emphasize in choosing a remedy.”

“Most impressive is André’s overwhelming scholarship and his sense of humor. I loved the occasional philosophical discussions. “

“Seeing André take a case, systematically in all its detail, truly shows the art of homeopathy.”

“Amazing clinical examples to back up all points of the teaching.”

“Over the years I became so disillusioned with homeopathy with various teaching methods and inconsistent results in practice. Thanks for renewing my interest and original faith in homeopathy!”

“Studying the Organon was essential, thank you.”

“This course exceeded my expectations! I can confidently say that I am leaving with more knowledge and sense of how to take and analyze a case as well as a good grasp of the fundamentals so I can be the best doctor I can be!”

“André is a bottomless well of knowledge!”

“Content of the lectures was very strong, well thought-out and well prepared. Handouts were excellent.”

“The material presented is truly unique in the homeopathic teaching world and extraordinarily important and relevant to practice. “

“The students who gravitate to André’s courses are like-minded practitioners, they want to learn the no-frills, basic methods of practice, and to become great at homeopathy!”

“The entire course was fantastic. It was well organized and interesting. I learned more this week then I have in years. “